Tooth Extractions in Kent, WA

Tooth Extractions in Kent, WA

When it comes to ensuring that your life is a healthy one, it is crucial to protect your oral health. A mouth that suffers from ill-health or other issues might hinder your ability to eat, swallow or speak. Sometimes, however, due to injury, decay, or infection, a tooth must be extracted from your mouth.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a process in which the dentist removes a tooth. Also known as tooth pulling, an extraction becomes necessary when the affected tooth is no longer sustainable. This usually means that it is no longer possible to retain the tooth in the patient’s mouth without affecting your present or future oral health. This is most often the case with enormously decayed teeth. When the decay moves so deep inside the tooth’s roots that even a root canal cannot save it, then a tooth extraction becomes unavoidable. A tooth might also need to be tooth extracted if you have been involved in an accident of some kind and have suffered significant trauma to the tooth.

What is the process involved in a Tooth Extraction?

Dental procedures can cause a great deal of concern in the patients, and it will help ease their anxiety when they are aware of what exactly entails in tooth extraction. The basic procedure for a simple tooth extraction depends upon a patient’s needs and the condition of the affected tooth which needs to be extracted. Before starting the extraction process, the area in question is numbed to ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort or pain. Sedation can also be given in case the patient exhibits extreme anxiety. The tooth is then extracted with the help of forceps, which firmly grab the tooth, and by rocking it back and forth, it is pulled out from the root canal. If there is difficulty in removing the tooth, then it can be broken into small pieces in order to extract it. Then the dentist will carefully remove the small units of the tooth from your mouth.

How Long Does A Tooth Extraction Take?

Tooth extractions are usually completed in one office visit. After a week or two after the procedure, you might need to visit your dentist to make sure that everything is healing correctly. If required, you can discuss the various restoration options that will meet your requirements. The gap in the gumline should not be left empty, as doing so can allow the rest of your teeth to shift. Failure to quickly decide a replacement option can also negatively impact tissue and bone growth in the area, making it more difficult in the future to place something like an implant or dentures.

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